Project Description

Project Overview: Remanufactured Haworth Workstations

Customer Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

 Remanufactured Haworth Workstations:

Remanufactured Haworth Workstations were used to accommodate 2 full-time employees and 1 seasonal intern. Re-form designed and configured 1 extended remanufactured Haworth corner workstation with 4 remanufactured Haworth overhead bins, 2 remanufactured Haworth shelves, complete with coordinating tack boards, remanufactured task lights and ergonomic keyboard trays.

Remanufactured Haworth Tables:

2 remanufactured Haworth custom tables were created for the client. As well as,   1 large mobile work table, and 1 special height occasional table.

Remanufactured Haworth Storage Units:

In addition to the remanufactured Haworth wall-mounted overhead units, Re-form supplied new free-standing storage cabinets and remanufactured Haworth file cabinets. Upon special request, Re-form refurbished 2 of the client’s existing server racks to match the new furniture.

Remanufactured Haworth Task Chairs:

Re-form supplied 3 fully remanufactured Haworth X99 Task Chairs for this project.

Overall Review:

This is one of many successful projects completed in a community within the Capital Beltway. The client was very eager to transform his early 90s Studio into the Production Studio of his dreams and was ready to move forward with a full renovation. Re-form assisted him with selecting paint colors for his walls as well as customizing the perfect workstations for the space. It was important that all finishes were harmonious and complementary. The client had several pain points that made his previous studio undesirable. It was crowded, outdated, unproductive and unmotivating but with expert consultation from Re-form’s staff, he now has a space that is highly productive, stylish and inviting. Re-form designed and fabricated custom work surfaces and tables exactly to the client’s specifications, and implemented efficient storage solutions using wall mounted units which resulted in a much more organized and spacious work environment. This project was completed in 1 day by Re-form’s professional installation team.