Project Description

Project Overview: Steelcase Desks

Customer Location: Arbutus, Maryland

Re-form supplied a combination of as is Steelcase desks from our As-Is inventory, remanufactured Haworth overhead bins , tackboards, a free-standing corner work station and 4 mobile training tables. Re-form also supplied 13 chairs and 1 round table sold as-is.

Private Offices:

4 private offices were furnished with 1 As Is Steelcase L-Desk with 2 refurbished pedestal files, 2 stacked remanufactured Haworth overhead bins, 1 remanufactured  Haworth tack board, 1 refurbished task light. Each private office included 1 As Is Haworth Improv Stack Chair.

1 private office was furnished with 1 As Is Steelcase U-Desk with 2 remanufactured pedestal files, 2 remanufactured Haworth overhead bins, 2 remanufactured tack board, and 2 remanufactured task light. This private office included 2 As Is Haworth Improv Stack Chairs.

Open Area:

Re-form supplied 1 Signature Free-Standing corner work station complete with fabricated work surfaces, new C-legs, remanufactured Steelcase Answer panel end legs, and remanufactured pedestal file cabinets.

Conference Room:

The conference room was furnished with 4 mobile training tables with custom remanufactured table tops, new mobile C-legs, and ganging hardware and 4 As Is Haworth Accolade Conference Chairs

Break Room:

Re-form furnished the break room with 1 36” round table and 3 molded chairs, all sold As-Is.