Project Description

Friant Verity Benching System – Potomac, MD

This project was for an existing Re-form customer.  Over the years we have supplied this customer with many different furniture options.  For this project the customer had very specific requirements. The customer needed a workstation system that supported different types of work interactions while providing a coordinated look across the office space.  The system needed to have flexible expansion.  The customer requested a system that would allow for the addition of privacy panels and additional storage if needed.  For this project Re-form selected the Friant Verity Benching System.

Friant Verity Benching System

Re-form provided 57 Verity Benching System workstations for this customer.  Re-form delivered and installed during normal business hours, (48) 72 x 24 Fraint Verity Benching systems with a Box File Mobile Pedestal and (9) 60 x 24 Friant Verity Benching Systems with a Box File Mobile Pedestal. The customer had previously been using 68″ high workstations.  The customer had very little opportunity for collaboration with their previous workstation system.