Project Description

Project Overview: Refurbished Herman Miller Action Office Series Workstations
Customer Location: Hanover, MD

This project involved a new customer for Re-form. The customer was moving into an office that was built out to their specifications. Product included workstations, conference room and seating. This project was installed over a week and a half period by the Re-form installation team.

REFURBISHED HERMAN MILLER AO2 SERIES WITH POWER AND GLASS TOPS: Re-form provided (52) AO2 workstations, The client was on a tight budget and re-used some of their existing product in the new space. The result was a typical plan using window topped AO2 panels. Each station contained an overhead storage unit and a BBF pedestal and FF pedestal. The task chair was existing from the customer and reupholstered be Re-form.

CONFERENCE ROOM: The executive conference room contained as all glass wall and was a focal point of the design. Re-form provided a refinished conference table, 60” wide x 192” long along with 52 new conference chairs. The result was so pleasing that the chair vendor requested a picture which was used in one of their future sales catalogues.