Project Description

Project Overview: Remanufactured Haworth Workstations, New Workstation Components and Conference Rooms
Customer Location: Baltimore, Maryland

This client worked with Re-form for both their temporary space and their newly constructed location.  Re-form supplied and installed (24) remanufactured Haworth workstations, (1) large conference table, (11) break room tables and chairs, (48) double lockers and (48) task chairs.


Re-form provided this client with (24) Remanufactured Haworth Places Workstations. Each workstation contained a mobile BBF pedestal, a new Office Source laminate desk and a As-IS Haworth X99 task chair.

Conference Room:

This client needed a large conference table with power and data capabilities.  Re-form provided a new, laminate boat shaped conference table with power and data by Office Source.  Re-form used As-Is Haworth X99 conference chairs.

Break Room:

This client needed (11) break room tables and chairs for this project.  Re-form was able to provide remanufactured break room table tops and purchase new bases from m.o.d. siLver.  In addition, Re-form provided (88) new stack chairs provided by Office source.

Locker Room:

Both locker rooms needed metal lockers for employees personal belongings.  Re-form provided (48) new double lockers by Office Source.