Project Description

Project Overview: Re-form Freestanding Workstations and New Seating

Customer Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

This project involved a new customer for Re-form. The customer visited our office and was presented several options.  Ultimately, the customer selected our Re-form Freestanding Workstations and New Seating for their Break Room.

Re-form Freestanding Workstations: Re-form provided (6) Freestanding Workstations that Re-form created.  The Re-form Freestanding Workstations consist of a laminate worksurface, m.o.d.siLver legs and a pedestal.  The customer was able to pick all of the finishes for this project.  Re-form also provided refurbished Lateral files that were painted to match the new finishes.  Finally, Re-form provided new Ladder Back style dining chairs from COE.