Unleashing the Genius

Dear Re-form Person, Our stakeholders build the Future with unrestrained minds, and I am tasked with in-filling work modules that will tap our raw, latent genius. Mainstream, structured workstations are not for us Re-form Person. But these are unbelievable! Check out what we need to lock up serious brainshare:   Edgy and free-form, maybe my favorite   [...]


End of the World

Dear Re-form Person,  I’m not completely disappointed the world didn’t end on 12/21/12, but I really do miss that blissful sense of futility. I’d been putting off doing real work in the face of extinction, but instead of checking out in the Big One, my negligence has me staring into the gaping maw of unemployment. Which by the way, [...]


Holiday News

  Well, it’s been another year, and the Re-form family has been busy! Since the Holidays last year, we’ve all accomplished a lot, so in the spirit of the season The Re-form Person would like to share some highlights: Kenny missed the biggest buck ever to walk the hills of Garrett County, Tracey’s lizard jumped [...]


NeoCon Fusion

Dear Re-form Person, I spent Wednesday at NeoCon East and don’t mind saying there was a bewildering display of furnituring options this year! I hadn’t been out of the badging line ten minutes before I became overwhelmed by options for seating, filing, desking, and benching. Then I saw your remanufactured desk/panel/bench-like rig and was really [...]


Paybacks Are Heck

Dear Re-form Person, Wow, when did the weather get so bad? Will buying used office furniture help reverse global warming? -          Steamed Of all God’s creatures, Steamed, humans seem to be the last to respond to climate change. The Re-form Person remembers having that epiphany in a grocery store in 2005. This headline in the [...]