Nothing New Under the Sun

Dear Re-form Person I bet you’ve gotten an earful from people like me that are sick and tired of the commotion and germs that go with “collaborating” in large open-office spaces. I groused years ago when they moved me from my office to a cubicle, but now I am “benching” (really?) and can only dream [...]


The Convergence

Dear Re-form Person, I recently overheard our brightest minds at the water cooler talking about the convergence of transportation and office furniture. What were they talking about? Eavesdropping They were talking about the Carbical! Desking and benching are yesterday’s meatloaf Eavesdropper, the Carbical's where it's at. 100% awesome is right. For years, we American wage slaves have [...]


Smokin’ Office Furniture

Dear Re-form Person, We are going paperless in our office and are getting rid of some pretty ragged fire files, can you give me a suggestion on what to do with them? They don’t have asbestos in them do they? -          Just Asking Well Mr. Asking, they are lined with concrete, and I’m thinking that [...]


High Over Preakness

Dear Re-form Person, Dude, I just found out that Kegasus won’t be at the Preakness this year, will we be seeing the Re-form blimp? -          Dude Whoa Dude - what would Preakness be without Black Eyed Susan’s, Mint Juleps, funny hats, and the Re-form blimp? And the excitement in the infield each year when the [...]