Project Description

Project Overview: Refurbished Haworth Workstations
Customer Location: Washington, DC

This project involved a new customer for Re-form. The customer was moving into a renovated office that was on the 5th floor of an existing building. Product included  refurbished Haworth Places workstations and the customers existing furniture from another existing location.

Refurbished Haworth Places Workstations With Power:

Re-form provided (23) Haworth Places workstations. The client selected 49”H product so that natural light could pass thru as the space was narrow with windows on one wall only. Mobile tables were used for extra workspace when needed. The result was a monochromatic space that was just what the customer wanted. Each station contained an overhead storage unit and a BBF and FF pedestal. The customer is planning another move now and I has ordered additional product from Re-form.