Previously Owned Allsteel Workstations – Baltimore MD


Previously Owned Allsteel Workstations, Allsteel Concensys Workstations This project involved a returning Re-form customer.  The customer was moving into new office space and was looking for 8’x8’  workstations to accommodate approximately 100 people.  For this project Re-form was able to utilize our As Is inventory and found some previously owned Allsteel Workstations. The inventory of [...]

Refurbished Knoll Morrison Workstations – Bethesda, Maryland


Project Overview: Refurbished Knoll Workstations Customer Location: Bethesda, Md This client is a long standing customer of Re-form. This project required that Re-form provide Refurbished Knoll Workstations as well as As-Is Herman Miller Vivo Workstations.  For this project the customer requested that Re-form provide the disassembly and storage of 144 Herman Miller Vivo workstations.  All [...]

Remanufactured Haworth Workstations – Baltimore, Maryland


Project Overview: Remanufactured Haworth Workstations, New Workstation Components and Conference Rooms Customer Location: Baltimore, Maryland This client worked with Re-form for both their temporary space and their newly constructed location.  Re-form supplied and installed (24) remanufactured Haworth workstations, (1) large conference table, (11) break room tables and chairs, (48) double lockers and (48) task chairs. Workstations: [...]

Steelcase Desks – Arbutus, MD


Project Overview: Steelcase Desks Customer Location: Arbutus, Maryland Re-form supplied a combination of as is Steelcase desks from our As-Is inventory, remanufactured Haworth overhead bins , tackboards, a free-standing corner work station and 4 mobile training tables. Re-form also supplied 13 chairs and 1 round table sold as-is. Private Offices: 4 private offices were furnished [...]

As Is Workstations, Reupholstered Seating – Columbia, MD


Project Overview: As-Is Workstations, Existing Workstations, Reupholstered Seating Customer Location: Columbia, Md This project involved a new customer for Re-form as well as working with a local designer. This project differed from others in that the customer had existing Herman Miller AO2 which they were currently using, they had purchased an inventory of Teknion which [...]