Project Description

Pre-Owned Herman Miller Workstations – Beltsville, MD

This was a repeat customer for Re-form.  The customer needed a reasonably priced solution for this project. The Re-form Project Manager suggested Pre-Owned Herman Miller Workstations that were in like new condition in our inventory. The customer also needed (2) U units for 2 private offices.


Re-form provided (16) Pre-Owned Herman Miller Workstations.  The workstations were Action Office Series 2,  67” high with (1) flipper door unit, (1) BBF pedestal and (1) FF pedestal. They were installed in a shared configuration. Panel fabric was a Herman Miller proprietary fabric and flipper door fabric was available on the open market.

Private Offices

The customer also needed office furniture for (2) private offices.  Re-form provided (2) generic AS-IS U units in laminate.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and installation took place during normal hours and was provided by Re-form’s Installation team.