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Expert Refurbished Office Furniture Services

Re-form is a full service office furniture remanufacturer providing refurbished office furniture, As Is (used) Office Furniture and New seating and case goods. We can provide all the furnishings you will need for your office. No matter what you need for your office space and no matter what size your budget, we have a solution for your business. For 30 years we have been serving businesses in the whole MidAtlantic region. If you are moving or just freshening up what you already have, we can help. Whether you are moving hundreds or just a few employees, we have the experience and expertise to make your move seamless.

Project Management

Our Project Managers specialize in planning office spaces using refurbished office furniture and as-is office furniture. With decades of experience designing and managing projects using both new and used office furniture , Re-form Project Managers have the expertise to make recommendations for any style or budget. We can help you choose the right products, generate layouts, manage production schedules, coordinate deliveries, oversee installations and manage your inventory with ease. Used and refurbished office furniture doesn’t limit the end user to only a few finishes. Many consumers are surprised at the options available when choosing quality used and remanufactured office furniture. Instead of a pre-determined selection of colors, fabrics and finishes, refurbished office furniture allows you and your project manager complete creative freedom. It’s easy to update your existing furniture to match any design and color scheme. Refurbished office furniture allows for an almost limitless range of colors, fabrics, finishes, and laminates to give you the ultimate flexibility. We take into account your needs, your budget, and your taste to create the perfect work environment. Our Project Management team has the skills and knowledge needed to create a vibrant and exciting work space for you and your staff.

Systems Furniture Refurbishing

Re-form offers complete refurbishing at our in-house facility, ensuring complete control over the process. Our services include replacing fabric on systems furniture, office panels and components; refinishing hardware and trim; inspecting electrical components; re-laminating surfaces; and rebuilding all major manufacturers’ systems furniture.

Paint Refinishing

Repainting existing files and other metal storage exteriors can save a bundle. We sand and repaint these materials or completely refurbish/remanufacture them from the inside out. We also stock replacement keys and cores for most cabinet manufacturers.

Seating Reupholstery

Seating upholstery eventually needs to be replaced, so we offer comprehensive reupholstery services in-house as well. Not only do we have the traditional expertise needed for lounge, reception and conventional seating, but we also have the skills and specialty equipment to work with the most modern ergonomic office chairs.

Laminate Fabrication

Our woodshop does more than just re-laminate and re-edge work surfaces. We’re capable of fabricating custom tables, freestanding work stations, file tops and many other specialty furniture components.

Storage Inventory Management

Re-form helps enterprise sized corporations do more than just store their furniture. Our specialty office furniture asset management software enables online access for remote inventory control. By optimizing physical inventories and uploading specific details about each item into our system, corporations have complete access and control over their assets. And to maximize the value of their furniture investment, clients have access to our in house remanufacturing and repair facility. Simply put, it makes managing inventories as easy as clicking a button.

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