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The Convergence

Dear Re-form Person, I recently overheard our brightest minds at the water cooler talking about the convergence of transportation and office furniture. What were they talking about? Eavesdropping They were talking about the Carbical! Desking and benching are yesterday’s meatloaf Eavesdropper, the Carbical's where it's at. 100% awesome is right. For years, we American wage slaves have [...]

Unleashing the Genius

Dear Re-form Person, Our stakeholders build the Future with unrestrained minds, and I am tasked with in-filling work modules that will tap our raw, latent genius. Mainstream, structured workstations are not for us Re-form Person. But these are unbelievable! Check out what we need to lock up serious brainshare:   Edgy and free-form, maybe my favorite   [...]