Dear Re-form Person

I bet you’ve gotten an earful from people like me that are sick and tired of the commotion and germs that go with “collaborating” in large open-office spaces. I groused years ago when they moved me from my office to a cubicle, but now I am “benching” (really?) and can only dream of the semi-privacy of my old workstation! Any suggestions how to work under these circumstances?

  • Bad Brains

I feel your pain, Brains. There is an answer of course, and it grew out of America’s first pass at “benching”. While the crowd in this photo appears to be collaborating, in reality they were proven to be selling secrets to the Germans and giving each other the Measles. Look familiar? Lesson learned? The Re-form Person thinks not…


So, for a bygone malaise, the Re-form Person re-heats….


The Isolator

Throw out your ear-buds and hand sanitizer Bad Brains, and pick up an Isolator.  And, guess what – they take Lay-Away, and the new spring colors are out!


Isolator Styles




If there is nothing new under the sun, but that which
Has been before, how are our brains cheated,
Which, toiling to create something new, mistakenly
Bring forth something that already exists.

-Wm. Shakespeare