Dear Re-form Person,

 I’m not completely disappointed the world didn’t end on 12/21/12, but I really do miss that blissful sense of futility. I’d been putting off doing real work in the face of extinction, but instead of checking out in the Big One, my negligence has me staring into the gaping maw of unemployment. Which by the way, I’d have to face comparatively alone. 

But the buzz on the street is that Re-form has uncovered another possibility for the End of Days. So how much longer do we have Used  Office Furniture Person?

        What’s the Use


Word gets around fast WTU! Re-form has in fact uncovered evidence that the End is near, and Re-form Furniture Forensics (RFF) is just now working out how and when. Check out the post-Mayan physics hidden for years under the fabric of this vintage ElvisWall TM panel shown below:

Nothing odd about an Elvis panel, but whoa – what’s with the math?


Preliminary evidence suggests the end will come from giant bugs, and as soon as RFF has confirmed this, we’ll Tweet. In the meantime, buy as much used office furniture as you can.

Preppers, stock up on Raid too!