Dear Re-form Person,

Wow, when did the weather get so bad? Will buying used office furniture help reverse global warming?


Of all God’s creatures, Steamed, humans seem to be the last to respond to climate change. The Re-form Person remembers having that epiphany in a grocery store in 2005. This headline in the Weekly World News connected like the hot kiss at the end of a wet fist:


Could it be that seven years ago, our appetizers were reacting to climate change; the same changes many of us are still denying? If that headline isn’t enough, the internet is teeming with other examples of nature out of balance: 

We’re gunna need a bigger chopper…

So, to answer your question Steamed, climate change didn’t just start this year, and buying used office furniture alone won’t reverse global warming. But it might keep Mother Nature off our backs till we colonize Mars.

Re-form does it’s part on the ice cap.