Dead Men Working

Dear Re-form Person; No way am I losing it, Re-form dude. Check out this picture and tell me that’s not a ghost in my work station. Is this totally weird?  And how do I lose this PIA? -          Tormented You nailed it Tormented, you share a workstation with the latest trend in virtual employment. Recently [...]

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Careers in Used Office Furniture

Dear Re-form Person; I’ve been thinking about a career change, and am drawn to office furniture remanufacturing like a moth to flame. I see you people on TV - partying with movie stars, driving fancy cars, generally living a life most people only dream of. I’d really like to get a piece of this, how [...]

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Name That System

Dear Re-form Person; Our company is in an aggressive growth mode, and just gobbled up another organization. I can’t tell you the name of our company, but we are known for buying hot, fast-growth startups and turning them around. Anyway, our acquisition team closed this deal without spending time inspecting the facility, so no one [...]

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Furniture Emergency

Dear Re-form Person; I was driving home during Hurricane Irene, and I’m almost sure I saw someone assisting the Coast Guard doing rescue work in the harbor- in a desk! I slept very little the night before, so it’s not hard to believe I was seeing things – but is this possible? -Seen It All [...]

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A Clean Sweep

Dear Re-form Person; I am in charge of liquidating gently worn office furniture our firm doesn’t want anymore, and I’m not having a lot of luck with buyers. The picture below shows the desks and files, but it was taken in a hurry and I can’t tell what kind they are. Is this something you [...]

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