God Particle, Really?

Dear Re-form Person, I have two questions - first, why is the Higgs particle called the “God Particle”? And second, will understanding the “God Particle” help me find quality used office furniture? -          Gotta Know Seriously, it seems like ever since they fired up that Large Hadron Collider this summer, people have been doing nothing [...]

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Planning for Zombies

Dear Re-form Person We are relocating and have a debate raging within Planning and Design. Some say that an “Open Office” design inspires collaboration, and others insist that workstations are more productive because there are fewer distractions. In all of this debate no one has considered which design would prove superior in a predicted Zombie [...]

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April Fool’s

Happy April Fool’s Day Re-form Person! No lame pranks for you this year; no tape dispenser super-glued to your desk, no stapler in a Jello mold, no switched keys on your keyboard. This is the Step-Mother of All Pranks - I’ve hidden the Re-form Blimp, and good luck finding it. How long do you think [...]

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The Re-form Party

Dear Re-form Person; I read a number of your blog posts and I think all you are doing is making up outrageous questions, then fabricating completely bogus answers. And your photographs are obvious Photoshop frauds. It seems to me that you should be running for president; at least then we could be sure there wasn’t [...]

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Work Stations in the Death Zone?

Dear Re-form Person; I am a Mountaineering entrepreneur that routinely puts together climbing packages for the busy Professional, and am facing mounting competition from other outfitters that cater to the Professional who can't afford to "leave the office behind”. To wit, my concern; I'm looking for a company that can equip and supply a fully [...]

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